March 15, 2011

We do what we must, and call it by the best names.

Waiting for breakfast....
This sweet girl deserves a new name and it's Abbey. 
It is a smart girl's name. 
Abbey loves to play ball but
sometimes the girls don't play nice together.
Josey & Abbey are both air traffic controllers (ATC).
Abbey: Hey, throw the ball!
Josey: Me! Me! Throw it to me!
So, one ends up inside (the house) while the other stays outside.
Each taking their turn to play ball.

Managing two female ATC border collies requires 
me being alert, consistent and patient.
They throw glances at each other and 
let out warning growls
but at the end of each day, 
everyone behaves....Good Girls!

Note to reader mon: Candy & Indiana were owner-surrendered to a county animal shelter and their rescue coordinator contacted area breed rescues to pull the BCs out. When I picked up Candy, Indiana was there (but I didn't see him) and he was not yet placed with another rescue. Candy bullied Indiana so the rescue coordinator thought it best to separate them for better outcomes.

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